Randall and Aubin

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February 5, 2015 11:32 am
Business name: Randall andaubin
14-16 Brewer Street,, London London W1F 0SG
Email Address: info@randallandaubin.com
Phone Number: 020 7287 4447

The Restaurant Randall and Aubin

The Restaurant Randall and Aubin was founded back in 1908 as London’s first French butcher’s shop, but the owners had grand plans for their shop, and as the years passed by both a bakery and a cheesemonger was added. The shop’s reputation continued to raise at such a rate that even Sir Winston Churchill would frequent the shop to experience the best delicacies from the UK and across the channel.

Since then the restaurant launched in 1996, and has lived up to the name. The service is high end but approachable, and they don’t offer a booking service. Instead, should you get a table you’ll be offered some of the finest food and drink available in London while you’re sitting in a gorgeous and lavish environment that’s designed to help you feel relaxed and at home.

The menu (as one might expect given Randall and Aubin’s history) is a hearty mixture of classical dishes – with a particularly wide variety of seafood.


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