Sink the Pink (at Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club)

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March 9, 2015 4:35 pm
Business name: Sink the Pink (at Bethnal Green Working Men's Club)
44–46 Pollard Row, Bethnal Green, London London E2 6NB
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Phone Number: 020 7739 7170
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Sink the Pink (at Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club)

Sink the Pink is a night to show off your bold, beautiful and ridiculous fashion creations. It’s a colourful and fabulous night for girls or boys (or anyone in the LGBT or alternative community) and features exciting and brash stage shows galore.

The first of two rooms is for steamy and pulsing disco dancing with classic tracks, while the other is known as a “dreamy trashy tranny show”.

Ginger Johnson, Ted Rodgers, Amy Zing and a variety of other queens take to the stage to entertain you.

This isn’t a night to enjoy a quiet drink with friends, this is a night to prance around in your most outlandish outfits and be gorgeous.


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