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Business name: Egg
200 York Way, Kings Cross, London Brighton N7 9AX
Email Address:
Phone Number: 0207 871 7111
Website Address:


Egg is one of London’s more established clubbing venues, and after rather extensive recent building work, spreading out over three floors and incorporating a rather generously sized loft space and an open-air terrace.

While the crowd are typically heterosexual, it does have quite the appeal (and welcomes) people in the LGBT community, particularly during the Sunday daytime slot..

Emerging DJ talent and international DJ superstars all play a wide music selection is House, Techno, Drum ‘n’ Bass, Dubstep and so on. The crowd is typically filled with regulars, but is extremely happy to accept newcomers, and you’re more than happy to party until the sun comes up (if you’ve got the stamina to do so).

The spacious garden terrace, the wooden lofts and other cavernous rooms allows the club to function as host for a variety ceremonies, wedding parties and much more,

Oh, and don’t forget ‘Egg London radio’, featuring exclusive interviews and performances from world renown DJ’s..


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200 York Way, Kings Cross, London Brighton N7 9AX

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